Sam fell into the trap! The winner of “Games of the Will” revealed himself…

The more episodes of “Games of the Will” go by, the more fierce the speculation becomes about who will win in the end. Recently, one of the members of the Invincibles dropped such a bombshell on the web about this issue that comments were inevitable.

The version that Gencho won season 4 of “Games of the Will” is about to blow up the Internet space, and the reason for comments on this topic became a very curious photo from a Halloween party that the participant of the Invincibles organized at his home in Harmanli in the company to several more participants from the format, including Asparuh, Georgi and Mirela.

Of course, there was also a shot revealing the costumes during the party. Behind Gencho, however, in addition to the suit, something very revealing was also seen – the symbol of the Invincibles, namely – their red flag, which added fuel to the fire of speculation about who wins the form.

As you know, in order to own the tribe flag, you have to either earn it or receive it as a gift from the producers. Everyone decides which answer to bet on, but judging by the comments of Gencho’s followers, such news seems to be welcome.

“I hope it’s because you won!” wrote a fan of his to Genata, and the answer he received was too laconic: “Maybe it’s just luck, but who knows!”

And in order not to annoy his fans any more, Gencho has nevertheless lined up his dream team for this year’s edition of the Games. According to him, there is a place in the star tribe of the most prepared participants: Asparuh and Georgi from “The Invincibles”, Mani from the disintegrated tribe of “Super Heroes”, as well as as many as five from “The Fearless” – Valeri, Fifo, Mirela, Raleigh and Michaela .

“There is no place left for me, as well as for other strong players, but what can be done…”, the Harmanliya finally joked, quoted by show.blitz.bg.


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