Russia’s troubles are just beginning

The whole truth about the economic weakness of Russia (which some of our residents call the “motherfucker”) – from articles about the unexpected problems in the financial sector.

Two quotes:

“…according to the opinion of experts, a significant part of ATM components are not produced in the Russian Federation, so the devices will be manufactured on the principle of assembly from parts and will turn out to be dependent on imported components.”*

And: “…according to experts, it is technically impossible to create a completely domestic ATM, 100% produced in Russia. A Kommersant source noted that it is realistic to make the housing and the mechanical part of the ATM design in the country, but the electronic filling “for the most part is not produced in the Russian Federation and is unlikely to be produced soon.” *

Dear people,

This is not surprising against the background of the case that arose in Russia in June, with the appearance of the new hundred-ruble banknote. It turns out that the ATMs are not programmed to recognize it and therefore will not be able to give it to users. Before anyone starts philosophizing that there are cashiers… there aren’t, because it’s full of ATMs, and all the cash registers in Russia are imported – all of them, 100%.**

Russia’s problems are just beginning – when the appliances that people can’t live without fail. When the circuit board burned in the washing machine, and it was imported from Italy. Or the wiper broke on the car, which is manufactured in Romania. Or the fridge stops working because a US-made fuse has blown. For the planes that stop flying because they cannot be certified for safe flights and for the ships that cannot carry goods because there is no one to insure them to speak of… The examples are countless.

There are Bulgarians who are skeptical of the sanctions against Russia, imposed on it after the start of its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.

“Russia,” they say, “can satisfy all its needs with its own forces.”

Maybe, but not all.

And not with his own strength.

And as it turns out, he can’t.


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