Russian rapper committed suicide after call for mobilization (Video)

I’m not ready to kill, says the popular Walkie in a farewell video

Popular Russian rapper Ivan Petunin ended his life after receiving a call-up for the partial mobilization and facing the prospect of going to the front in Ukraine.

“Petunin, who writes songs and performs under the pseudonym Walkie, jumped from the 11th floor of an apartment block in Krasnodar on Friday, having previously left a farewell note saying ‘I’m not ready to kill!'” reports a local publication , cited by Eurocom.

“If you’re watching this video, it means I’m no longer alive. My friend Rom Swan said to be strong in spirit means you have a soul. And on my soul I cannot take the sin of murder, and I do not want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideals. For me, killing a person in war or just like that is what I cannot do. I have no right to pick up a machine gun and shoot people. Yes, I have a postponement of the mobilization due to being in the PND (psychiatric-neurological dispensary), but it seems to me that in the coming days the partial mobilization will turn into a full one. I have two hands, two legs, an index finger to press the trigger, and they will give me a machine gun” – says the rapper in his death message.

“24 Chasa” recalls that a month ago, the prosecutor’s office in Moscow asked the court to declare another rapper – Oxymiron – an extremist. He is one of the most popular musicians in Russia and has publicly opposed the invasion of Ukraine.


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