Russian planes approached our airspace twice

Russian planes approached Bulgaria’s airspace twice in February and March. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of Spain, which announced the end of this year’s Air policing campaign within the framework of NATO.

As is known, at the beginning of this year, Bulgaria was one of the countries that received Spanish fighter jets, together with which our Air Force guarded the airspace of our country, reports Maritza.

In addition to Bulgaria, the air force of Spain also provided protection in the skies of Lithuania and Estonia. The military department of the Iberian kingdom explained that a total of 38 cases were found in which Russian aircraft approached the borders of these three countries, which are part of the so-called NATO’s Eastern Flank.

The Spanish Air Force admitted that it was busiest in Lithuania, where on 34 occasions they had to intercept Russian planes approaching the airspace of the Baltic state.

In Bulgaria and Estonia, on the other hand, it was calmest, as there Spanish pilots had to react twice for approaching Russian planes.

Our mission in Bulgaria, which our Air Force visited for the first time to help protect the skies over the Black Sea, went most smoothly. There, between February and March, Spanish pilots realized only two cases of interception of Russian Federation aircraft, the Ministry of Defense of Spain reported, quoted by 20minutos.


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