Russian oppositionist exclusively to bTV: Only after a week of training they send the boys to the front

For the first time live from Moscow after the mobilization, a Russian opposition politician – Dmitry Kachanovsky, a member of the political council of the People’s Freedom Party PARNAS, spoke for Bulgarian television.

It is one of the oldest Russian opposition parties, and among its founders is the murdered critic and opponent of Vladimir Putin – Boris Nemtsov.

What is happening in Russia right now?

“Now panic has started, many young people are fleeing the country. They travel by car. Those who are between 20 and 35 years old, this is the dangerous age, those who were in the army or are subject to mobilization go to other countries, mainly to Georgia,” said Dmitry Kachanovsky.

“Whoever has the opportunity to leave Russia leaves, but not all EU countries accept them. Poland, Estonia and Lithuania do not accept, even with Schengen visas. therefore flights are closed, there are no direct flights even to Bulgaria. That’s why they travel through Turkey. Now the main flow is through Istanbul,” the oppositionist said.

According to him, many people are afraid of going to prison. They understand that as soon as they get a summons, they have to show up.

“If a person signs this summons, he must appear and it will be difficult for him to escape.” This is mass fear and panic,” added Kachanovsky.

He also said that society is divided – on those who watch television. This is the over 45 generation. Those who are younger look to the internet and get truthful information.

“You have to run, there are no other options,” said the oppositionist.

Has there been a change in the attitudes of the Russians since the announcement of mobilization?

“Yes, it changes. This mainly concerns women and mothers. In Russia, many things are decided by them, and therefore, when the son or the husband receives a summons, these women rise up in protests. When the corpses of those killed there start to become visible, this will change for sure,” Dmitry Kachanovsky believes.

“What Russia’s television is saying is that they will go through training, but we have data that after just one week, without special training, they are sent to the front and armed with whatever they have. Even boys ask their parents to buy them vests,” he added.

Dmitry Kachanovsky himself also expects to receive a call-up letter because he falls into the risk group, but he was adamant that he will not sign it and will not go to war. He plans to go to relatives in Belarus.


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