Russian authorities killed the chief conductor of the Kherson Philharmonic

The chief conductor of the Kherson Regional Philharmonic, Yury Kerpatenko, was shot dead, Classic FM radio reported (see here)

According to Ukrainian journalists, he was killed with an automatic weapon in his home in Kherson because of his refusal to cooperate with the Russian occupation administration in the city. She wanted to organize a concert for Music Day – October 1, with the participation of the “Gilea” orchestra conducted by Kerpatenko. The death of the internationally famous conductor was confirmed by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

“On the eve of his murder, after receiving another refusal, they said: ‘We will come to you again’… They returned and just shot him there. I would like the whole of Ukraine to know about this,” TSN correspondent Olena Vanina wrote. “As a principled person, he resolutely rejected all encroachments of the occupiers and their supporters, to be drawn into cooperation with them,” she added.

There was interest in the Kherson Philharmonic on the part of the occupying forces already in the spring, and in some of the leadership positions persons who expressed support for the Russian invaders were appointed. On social networks, orchestra players shared that they were threatened with the goal of switching to the Russian side, reports the platform for Crimean independent journalists Nzhir media.

“Yuriy Kerpatenko was a talented musician, conductor, arranger who made orchestrations for numerous musical ensembles in the Kherson region. He spoke to the face of the occupiers everything he thought about them, aware of the possible consequences. He died, disobedient to them. There have been many wonderful musicians in the history of the Kherson Philharmonic, but I would very much like it to bear the name of Yuri Kerpatenko,” wrote journalist Oleg Eliseev.

According to him, the murder is connected with the Russian collaborators in Kherson and the Russian special services. “The fact that Kerpatenko is Russian-speaking was especially irritating for the representatives of the Russian special services. Growing up with Russian culture and Russian music, he had friends in Russia as well. However, it quite clearly drew the line between Russian culture and the way it is used for their criminal purposes by the Putin regime,” emphasizes Eliseev.

The Kherson regional prosecutor’s office announced that it has launched an investigation into the murder of the 46-year-old musician, reports Ukrinform.

A concert accordionist, conductor and arranger, Yuriy Kerpatenko (1976-2022) was the chief conductor of the Kherson Music and Drama Theater “Mykola Kulisha”. He is a graduate of the Kyiv National Academy of Music “P.I. Tchaikovsky”, which first graduated with accordion, and later with the specialty of opera and symphonic conducting. In his native Kherson, he initially started as the chief conductor of the “Gilea” chamber orchestra in 2000, and since 2004 he has been leading the symphony orchestra in the city’s music-drama theater.


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