Russia leaves UEFA and moves to Asia

Russia will most likely leave European football and move to Asian football.

On December 27, football bosses in the country must decide whether to leave UEFA and join the Asian Confederation. This was revealed by the president of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Dyukov.

“This issue will affect the development of Russian football for the next ten years. We started discussing it today, but we agreed that we need to study all the implications in order to make a decision. We will continue the discussion next week and on Tuesday we will make a final decision.” , said Dyukov.

“The move to the Asian Football Confederation will enable our national teams and clubs to return to official tournaments,” he added. According to him, no one will object, although there are no written guarantees from the Asian side.

“At the moment, no one is ready to give written guarantees that we will be accepted, but they are willing to consider our application. There is a more than good chance that we will be accepted. To obtain membership, an application and a majority vote of the confederation is required.”

After invading Ukraine and launching hostilities, Russia suffered a number of sanctions, including expulsion from all FIFA and UEFA tournaments.

Now, in the country, they do not expect UEFA to object to their decision to leave, since formally the change of confederations does not fall within the competences of the European headquarters.

“It will probably require some kind of agreement from UEFA, but we know that they will not oppose if we move to Asia,” Dyukov is convinced.


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