Russia is in unprecedented isolation

The expert commented on the processes in the country and Moscow’s decisions

“The leaders of six countries are not invited to the send-off of the Queen of Great Britain today. Russia finds itself in the same group with Syria, with Venezuela, with Afghanistan. However, North Korea and Iran are invited. Russia is among those countries that are currently “enjoying” unprecedented isolation. Over 500 leaders are currently in London”. This was commented by Vladimir Chukov, an international analyst, on the air of the program “Your Day” on NOVA NEWS.

The expert said that six months after the outbreak of the war, things were already outlined. “The process to which Russia will be subject is important. She must put an end to her imperial ambitions once and for all. Russia is a very interesting mix of multiple civilizational time zones. If they lived in the western part of Russia at the end of the last century, then in the Far East they lived as early as the 18th century. That is, a very interesting civilizational mix, which is governed by the “Andropov” doctrine. He said even during the time of the Soviet Union that this huge territory, that is more than 16 million square kilometers, cannot survive without pressure, without the rule of the siloviki”.

“If it’s not Putin, it will be someone else. The trials in Russia should lead to an outcome that is very similar to 1990. Moscow is currently governed the way it was governed under Catherine the Great. It is about whether Putin will be able to stop this process that is developing inside Russia – isolation. A lot depends on whether Putin will realize that he has allowed a strategic disaster or not. In my opinion, he is unable to understand what he did,” said Chukov.


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