Russia and Ukraine each shot down one Su-34 on Sunday, both Russian

The armed forces of Russia and Ukraine shot down one Su-34 fighter-bomber each on Sunday. Both planes are Russian, Ukrainian media and Russian microbloggers report.

According to the Russian media “Baza”, a Russian military aircraft, probably Su-34, has crashed in Crimea. According to initial reports, the pilots managed to eject.

The accident happened on the border between Roznodelnensky and Krasnoperekopsky districts at 6 am on Sunday. Ukraine claims that the Russians shot down their plane by mistake. In this spirit is the message of the UNIAN agency, which quotes messages in Russian social media with similar content.

The Russian media described the case euphemistically, saying that the plane “landed” in the field, the pilots having previously managed to eject, i.e. the plane “landed” without a crew.

“Once again, I will say that our air defense of our aviation is not its friend. Fear her more than the air defense of the Khokhls (Ukrainians, b. r.). If you are targeted in your own territory, throw away any tasks, maneuver with afterburner and shoot as if it were the last time.” – a Russian microblogger commented on the news about the military aviation incident.

This is not the first case of the Russians shooting down their own Su-34. In July, Forbes wrote about an identical accident over the territory of Eastern Ukraine. Then Russia’s Air Defense Forces shot down one of the ten newest Su-34Ms of the 277th Bomber Aviation Regiment permanently stationed in the Far East. The machine was hit by an S-400. The reason was then commented on a breakdown of the system of “home-foreign” recognition.

In the “Kyiv Independent” on Monday, information appeared that an Su-34 with registration number RF-95004 was also shot down on Sunday by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Izyum region by fighters of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Spotters and aviation enthusiasts comment that a plane with this registration number belongs to the 999th air base of Russia “Kant”, which is located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.


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