Rumor confirmed: Michael Jordan’s son stabbed Scottie Pippen’s ex

The hot gossip that was only floating around as a rumor among basketball circles in the USA is now a fact. At the beginning of the month, tabloids published unconfirmed information that Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, may be dating Scottie Pippen’s ex, Larissa.

The age difference between the two is 17, with the lady being 48 and the man 31.

Then the two were photographed in a cafe in Miami, but there did not seem to be anything more than an acquaintance between them. Larisa herself stated that they are just friends and nothing more.

A few weeks later, however, Marcus and Larissa were caught by paparazzi exchanging intimate caresses in another establishment, and this time it seems that their relationship cannot be denied.

This is expected to further heat up the tension between basketball legends Jordan and Pippen. The former teammates who won a total of 6 NBA titles on the all-star team of the Chicago Bulls are at loggerheads. The reason is Pippen’s criticism of the movie “The Last Dance”, dedicated to the Bulls’ Dream Team.

“This movie glorifies Jordan without paying much attention to his teammates. It’s like he did it all by himself. I’m sick of being overlooked every time. Jordan was just part of that great team, nothing more. He ruined basketball. In the 80s in the 1990s on the school fields everyone played by moving the ball and passing it to each other to help the team. In the 1990s that stopped. Everyone wanted to be like Mike and he was used to everyone playing for him,” Pippen commented.

Otherwise, he broke up with Larisa after a stormy divorce a year ago, and the two have a 20-year-old son.

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