Rumen Radev changes the protocol in the presidency because of Anya Pencheva

The actress donated the money from the gifts to CHRD to 2 women from the flood

The great actress Anya Pencheva will donate the money from her gifts for today’s birthday to two women from the village of Slatina, Karlovsko.

The idea to turn her holiday into charity was born after watching a television report about the drama of the two women from one of the most affected villages in the floods.

All her relatives and friends respond to Pencheva’s call for “gifts in money”, who always shower her with attention on her birthday. “And they are not few”, the actress specifies.

After handing over the money in the village of Slatina, Anya Pencheva returns to the National Theater. There, on the initiative of the new director Vasil Vasilev, the actors collected money for the family of their colleague Yosif Shamli, who died at the end of 2019. The funds will be given to his wife, with which she will welcome the first day of school for their three daughters.

Anya Pencheva has already received a congratulatory address from President Rumen Radev. At the last meeting between the two, she remarked to him that the text in the congratulatory addresses was the same for all birthdays and anniversaries. She told him how once about an actress who did not have half a role in the cinema, he read:

“Your remarkable roles in theater and cinema will remain forever…”.

The two dared to this blunder and the head of state promised to pay attention to the protocol in the presidency.

Rumen Radev apparently really scolded the employees from the protocol, which the actress defines as “surprising”.

The text in the congratulatory address was written especially for her, and she hopes that this will become a principle when awarding deserving Bulgarians.


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