Rumen Chanderov: Today I saw what an organized criminal group is – BFS+refereeing+VAR – efbet Liga

Septemvri sponsor Rumen Chanderov looked for dsport and Darik radio affected by what he saw at the Ludogorets-Septemvri match, in which the champions won 3:1.

“Today I saw what an organized crime group means. These are the BFS+the referee+VAR. If it is not so, this Kashai should punish them for 1 year – the head referee and the VAR-agjis and I will take back my words that they are an organized criminal group. To me, they are both incompetent and criminals. Criminal refereeing and no reaction from VAR, which makes them criminals too, and I interpret the BFS as the Carefree Football Union. Let the BFS disprove me that this is not the case and punish the head referee and VAR. By punishing a few more such brigades, they will clean up the refereeing. If they are not punished, the judging will continue under the motto “the dogs are barking, the caravan is moving”. One made a mistake, the other deliberately does not correct it. They gave away a criminal penalty and a criminal first goal. To me, the inaction of the BFS is an organized crime group. If Kashai and Bobby Mihailov punish the judges, then they will show that they are not part of this group,” said Chanderov.

“They can punish those from VAR to watch TV for 1 year, and the head referee can find some job where he doesn’t have to make decisions,” added the affected football boss.

‚ÄúPlease quote my next words exactly. I am thinking about whether to continue sponsoring Bulgarian football. I look like a big fool. Razgrad’s foreign legion met the young Bulgarian fighters, whose wings were cut off by the head referee and the VAR. We will have Bulgarian football in the summer of cuckoo – that is, never. I stop talking because I’m very angry and there’s more to say. If there are no changes, I will certainly do that,” concluded Chanderov.

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