Rosberg: Even the F2 and F3 teams are doing better than the Scuderia, Binotto: We won’t make any changes to our structure

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Nico Rosberg made a joke about Ferrari’s strategic decisions. The 2016 world champion criticized the competence of Matthias Binoto and the Scuderia after the latest fiasco at Zandvoort.

During Grand Prix of the Netherlands Carlos Sainz pitted on lap 15. The Spaniard was delayed by more than 15 seconds after missing a left rear tyre. The Ferrari driver was back at the bottom of the top 10 and behind Hamilton and Perez. The Mexican went through one of the tire changing guns that had been left behind by the Scuderia mechanics.

In a later stage of the race at Zandvoort, Sainz made another stop. On his release, he had contact with Fernando Alonso, for which he received a 5-second penalty from the stewards. After all the unpleasant events, the Spanish rider finished eighth.

Since the start of the year, poor strategic decisions combined with reliability issues with the new engine have cost the Scuderia a huge number of points. This allowed Max Verstappen and Red Bull to build up a comfortable gap over their direct rivals from Maranello.

After another fiasco for Ferrari, Rosberg commented that the time has come for radical changes in the leadership of the Scuderia.

“Oh my gosh. Mattia Binoto keeps saying “no, we don’t need to make changes, everything is going well”. No, it’s certainly not going well at all. When will that day come? It’s not possible for a team like Ferrari to work like that,” said Rosberg.

“Even the F2 and F3 teams are doing better than the Scuderia. It is unusual for a driver to not have ready tires at a scheduled stop. That’s why in Maranello they really need to start making drastic changes.”

While Ferrari’s pace has managed to erase some of the team’s cracks this season, that advantage has started to disappear over the last few starts. The Italian team is now trailing both Red Bull and Mercedes.

Rosberg believes that someone should be appointed in Maranello to work alongside Binotto in the management of the Formula 1 team.

“Their car is a bit more restless in the races, as we saw at Spa and Zandvoort. So they’re starting to lose more speed and they need to make sure they keep developing this car in the right direction.”

“One of the things people often say is that Binotto is just an engineer. Sometimes it can be assumed that a team needs a joint leadership team that includes an engineer, a business manager, and a director. Some people are proposing that very solution.”

“I don’t know Binoto well enough. In any case, he needs to make some personnel changes in the team, because in my opinion, everything is getting too confusing. When we comment, we’re just waiting for it to happen at the moment because we know Ferrari’s next misstep will come very soon.”

“This is not good. In my opinion, they need to make some fundamental changes in their staff or in the way people work there,” Nico Rosberg added.

The Ferrari boss responded to Rosberg’s comments about the actions at Ferrari.

“First, it’s so easy to talk when you’re outside [на падока]. Then it’s really easy to criticize,” said Binoto.

“We will not make any changes to our structure. I want you Rosberg to understand this. We have great people and it has been proven that what is more important in the sport is the stability and the confidence that we are improving day by day and race by race.”

“We have great people in the team. I have no doubts about their skills and qualities. It takes years and experience to push a team to the front. I think our case is similar.”

According to Ferrari, the problem with Sainz’s first stop was the late decision to pit him. The Scuderia were not sure whether the Spaniard would lose a position to Hamilton.

“Yes, it was too late to react to the fight between Lewis [Хамилтън] with Carlos [Сайнц]. The decision to call Sainz came too late.”

“But I know because he’s a former pilot, he [Розберг] he should know that it is much easier to deal with these types of problems than with performance. In my opinion, the performance on the track was more important during yesterday’s race”, concluded Mattia Binoto.

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