Ronaldo’s three records that Leo Messi will soon break

At the end of June, Lionel Messi will turn 36 years old. Age is serious for any footballer, but the Argentine proves to us that he is not thinking about the end of his career yet. And this is understandable after winning the World Cup and likely to win his eighth Ballon d’Or for what he achieved in Qatar.

According to this indicator, Leo clearly wins the battle with Cristiano Ronaldo, who has five, and it is in the realm of fiction to believe that he will be able to win the most prestigious individual award again.

After all, he is already a football player of Al Nasser from Saudi Arabia…

Messi, on the other hand, has regained his form at PSG and in the coming months he will be looking at some of the records still held by his eternal rival. And two of them hang “by a hair’s breadth”:

Number of goals for clubs from the top 5 leagues

Ronaldo has 696 goals for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus in all competitions. Barcelona legend and current PSG player Messi is only one goal short with 695.

Goals in the Champions League

Here, Messi is 11 goals behind Ronaldo. Lionel has 129 goals, and the Portuguese – with 140. This record will not fall this year, but one or two more seasons of Leo in the most prestigious tournament will guarantee him the first place in the all-time scoring list.

Assists in the Champions League

The Argentine could surpass or at least match Ronaldo as early as this spring. Cristiano has 41 completed passes in the Champions League and Messi has 40.

The two megastars of our time are now so far apart, but the competition between them continues! And so it will be until one of them decides it’s time to call it quits.

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