Ronaldo to Mendes: Transfer to Bayern or Chelsea or I fire you – Football World – Other

Details of the conflict between Cristiano Ronaldo and his manager Jorge Mendes have become known. According to El Mundo, the Al Nasser forward gave his agent an ultimatum when he left Manchester United.

“Either you arrange a transfer for me to Bayern or Chelsea, or I will fire you,” the Portuguese told his agent.

Mendes tried to convince these clubs to sign Cristiano, but the 37-year-old’s high financial demands scared off Bayern and Chelsea, who turned him down.

“You’re crazy,” Mendes allegedly told his client about his salary claims. This was the beginning of their conflict.

We recall that Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Al Nasser was ultimately not arranged by Mendes, but by the player’s friend and personal manager, Ricardo Regufe.

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