Ronaldo started with the claims, asked his friend Pepe in Al Nasser

Cristiano Ronaldo has started with his claims to the composition of Al Nasser already in the first days of his stay, according to the Spanish “”.

According to the authoritative publication, Ronaldo personally advised the club’s bosses to bring in his good friend Pepe for the center of defense.

The experienced Portuguese international, who will turn 40 at the end of February, showed during the World Cup that he will be in excellent physical shape and can still play football at a high level.

However, it is clear to all that this cannot continue for much longer in Europe and for his current team Porto, but Cristiano Ronaldo believes that Pepe will be an excellent new signing for Al Nasser.

It is Pepe who is one of Ronaldo’s closest friends in football. The two have over 130 battles side by side with the shirt of Portugal, as well as hundreds of matches for Real (Madrid).

Like a good friend, Ronaldo has advised his bosses to make a multi-million bid for Pepe as well, and this is just another part of the Saudis’ massive plan.

Already in the days following the signing of Ronaldo, it became clear that Al Nasser was already in talks with huge figures in European football such as Sergio Ramos and Luka Modric, also long-time teammates and good friends of Ronaldo.

The grand plan apparently involves assembling a “dream team” that, albeit with players of advanced football age, will be made up entirely of superstars.

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