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Portugal and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo blew up social media minutes ago as his exclusive interview with Piers Morgan was released in which he explains how he feels “betrayed” and “thrown out” by the Red Devils squad.

“Yes, they tried to kick me out. Not only the coach, but two or three other people around the club. I felt betrayed. I shouldn’t say if they wanted to get rid of me, but I don’t care. Yes, I feel betrayed and I think some people here didn’t want me, not only this year, but also last year. I have no respect for Erik ten Hag, because he has no respect for me. If you don’t respect me, I never will,” shared the Portuguese star .

“If you’re not even in charge, how can you be the coach of Manchester United? I’d never heard of Ragnik,” added Ronaldo, referring to Ralph Ragnik, who was also interim manager of the Red Devils.

Cristiano Ronaldo certainly shocked with this statement, after recalling that a little earlier in the season he left a Manchester United match prematurely, as he was angry that he did not turn up on the pitch. Sanctions followed for the player, and he was even removed from the first team. All the problems seemed to be cleared up, but this interview could change the situation around the Portuguese.

“Wayne Rooney? I don’t know why he keeps attacking me. Maybe it’s because his career is over and I’m still playing at a high level. I’m not going to say I look better than him. Which is actually true,” Ronaldo continued.

Asked how his return to Old Trafford came about, Cristiano said: “I followed my heart. Sir Alex told me, ‘It’s impossible to go to Manchester City’, and I said, ‘OK, boss.’

“When I came back, there was zero progress in the team. After Sir Alex left, there is no development. Nothing has changed. I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club, that’s why I came back. But there are things from kitchen that prevent us from reaching the level of Man City, Liverpool and now Arsenal. A club of Manchester United’s caliber should always be at the top and we are not there. Picasso said that to build something new, first “You have to destroy the old. If the club wants to start with me, no problem. I love United and the fans, they are always on my side. But if the goal is to try something different, many, many changes have to be made.” Ronaldo.

The Portuguese was left very disappointed that Manchester United questioned the reasons for him to miss a large part of the summer training. At the time, his three-month-old daughter was in hospital, but the club showed no sympathy.

“Sir Alex knows better than anyone that the club is not where it needs to be. Everyone knows it. People who don’t admit it just don’t want to. They’re blind to the truth. The most important thing in football it’s the fans. The game is about them. I feel their support every time I go out on the street and people come up to me saying they appreciate my contribution to football. The fans are everything to me and it’s because of them that I’m doing this interview. I think that now is the right time to express my opinion,” Ronaldo added.

The full interview will air on Wednesday night. It is very likely that this will mean the end of Cristiano’s second spell at Manchester United.

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