Rockstar deletes a GTA video published by… one of the creators of GTA

Videos showcasing the early days of what would become the world’s biggest video game franchise have been removed from YouTube. Rockstar has requested the deletion of images showing the development of the first GTA.

A piece of video game history has just been erased from YouTube. Rockstar, the game publisher known worldwide for its series of GTAjust deleted videos from YouTube showing prototypes of GTA 1, the first game of the license released in 1997. Anxious to keep control of the rights to its game, the studio invoked copyright to force the video platform to remove these images. Problem, they were posted by Mike Dailly, one of the creators of GTA.

On Twitterthe developer explains (in flowery language that decency prevents us from translating here) that Rockstar “distributes copyright complaints on all videos of GTA that they can find”, including the videos posted on his channel, which only show what the beginnings of the successful license looked like. Same “the old images concerning the development of the game” are in the viewfinder of the studio.

A 25 year old game

As a result, old videos documenting the development process of GTA have been deleted, and only the images of other projects developed by Mike Dailly remain which “will inspire” the first GTA. Both videos featured the graphic style Dailly developed in 1997, one through an isometric rendering and the other a top view rendering of the famous Liberty City. Fearing Rockstar’s ire, the developer also gave up posting an old document from 1996 detailing the game design of the first GTA.

According to PC Gamerthe reason given for deleting the videos is “unauthorized posting of game development footage”. A legitimately complicated argument to hear when you are the author of these images. Rockstar’s overzealousness is even less understandable than the first GTA will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. We are far from the leakage of industrial secrets concerning GTA VI. Especially since Mike Dailly’s YouTube channel only has a few thousand subscribers, and the videos about GTA only had a few hundred views before they were deleted.

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