Rockefeller’s daughter marries a peasant from Bulgaria

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and legend in diplomacy, was once asked:

– What is “pressure diplomacy”?

Kissinger replied:

– Oh, this is a uniquely Jewish method. I will explain with an example.

Let’s say you want to marry Rockefeller’s daughter to a simple peasant boy from Bulgaria.

– What? How can such a thing happen?

– Very easy.

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I go to a Bulgarian village, choose a nice young man and say to him: “Do you want to marry an American Jewish woman?”

He answers confusedly:

– But why? Our country is full of pretty girls.

I continue:

– Yes, but she is the daughter of a billionaire!

The young man scratches his head and says:

– Well, that changes things…

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Then I go to Switzerland for a meeting at the bank and ask:

– Do you want to have a Bulgarian peasant as president of the bank?

– Phew! – the bank is responsible.

– What if he is Rockefeller’s future son-in-law?

– Well, that certainly changes things…

I go to Rockefeller and tell him:

– Do you want a Bulgarian peasant as a son-in-law?

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And he indignantly:

– What are you talking about, in our family everyone is a financier!

I tell him:

– Yes, but he is the chairman of the board of a Swiss bank!

Rockefeller thinks and shakes his head:

– Oh, but that changes things! Susie, come here.

Mr. Kissinger has found you a fiance. He is the president of a Swiss bank!

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Susie grumbles unhappily.

– Oh, another financier! It must be boring and boring.

And I tell her:

– Yes, but he is a nice, healthy and strong village boy from sunny Bulgaria!

And she with delight:

– Oh-oh-oh! This changes things…

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