Roccat Magma Mini: a 60% colorful and affordable keyboard

Just take a look at the price tag of the Magma Mini from Roccat to understand: we are not dealing here with a mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting managed key by key. Indeed, behind its recommended retail price of € 49.99, hides a small gaming keyboard (60% format) whose keys use a silicone membrane to ensure their rebound, with RGB backlighting managed in only five zones.

But thanks to the use of a translucent plate on the upper level of the chassis, the diffusion of light and color seems rather convincing – at least in photo. This gives the keyboard a style that is resolutely in tune with the times. Roccat does not hesitate either to insist on one of the proven advantages of membrane keyboards compared to mechanical models: they are quieter in use.

No command error will be possible thanks to the anti-ghosting and the 20 keys supported simultaneously, while the Easy-Shift functionality[+]democratized within Roccat’s range of PC peripherals, allows access to more actions via a simple key combination. Last but not leastthe Magma Mini keyboard is IP33 certified and will withstand “accidental spills”, from coffee to soda.

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