Ricchi e Poveri’s ‘Moustache’ – Franco Gatti dies aged 80 after complications from Covid-19

Franco Gatti, the “mustache” of the popular Italian group “Ricchi e Poveri”, has died, “Republika” reported. The singer died in the San Martino hospital in Genoa at the age of 80, leaving behind a wife and daughter. He had long since parted ways with the band, following the sudden death of his son Alessio in 2013, who was just 23 years old. Gatti participated in the “Ricchi e Poveri” reunion a few years later, but by then his musical career was considered over. He said he was no longer happy to be on stage.

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His colleagues and relatives announced his death in sadness, saying: “Part of our lives is gone. Bye Franco”. “His health has worsened in recent weeks,” sources close to the family said. “The funeral will be on Thursday in Genoa,” added the same sources. The place and time are not yet known.

In one of his last interviews, in connection with “Italian Stories”, Gatti stated that after contracting Covid in 2020, after suffering from Crohn’s disease for years, his condition worsened especially after cortisone treatment.

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In his last television interview, which Franco Gatti gave in October 2019 to Katerina Balivo for the program “Come to me”, it was dedicated to his son Alessio. ”My son drank and drank and drank. That was his misfortune,” said Gatti, who also clarified the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death. He said that the “first intake” of a cocktail of alcohol and heroin caused him to have a heart attack, alas, fatal. “He did it at a time when he was not he was good and he paid for it,” cried the singer, clarifying that his son was addicted to alcohol, but not to drugs.

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