Revolution in football: Warm-up kits are the new hit among fans

Until recently, the warm-up kits worn by the European giants before each match were seen as an impersonal accessory that remained in the shadow of the official jerseys and shorts.

Because – so what? You go out, warm up and change for the start of the fight. In recent years, however, sports concerns, providing equipment to the biggest clubs on the continent, have rediscovered this segment. And right now, believe it or not, some warm-up kits are selling better than official match kits.

The reasons for this revolution are several.

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The main thing – you can easily experiment with the design of these shirts and there are no restrictions. That is, if the starting kit of the team is red and the reserve is black, then the equipment for the warm-up can easily be pink, orange, purple, green, stripes, diamonds, triangles, camouflage and in general – without any Limits.

So, for example, fans can buy a yellow Real Madrid kit, a purple Liverpool kit, an orange Manchester United kit, a gray Arsenal kit, etc.

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The turning point for the boom in interest in these teams came at the 2018 World Cup. Then a real furor among the fans caused England’s pre-match shirt, which was a curious mix of blue and red. And the equipment of Nigeria, which had a retro design and reminded of the most glorious years of the “super eagles”, also enjoyed increased sympathy.

Then it turned out that the demand for these teams was huge and the suppliers were not ready to meet the interest. And this means the impossibility of making a profit, which in this industry is tantamount to suicide.

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Therefore, immediately after the World Cup, the biggest sports concerns – led by Adidas, Puma and Nike, invested colossal funds in the design of the equipment in question.

And the result is impressive because, as mentioned, there are practically no restrictions. Unlike the official teams, which must meet the standards and are strictly regulated by FIFA.

Of course, there is one more curious detail. Until a few years ago, players warmed up in practice jerseys that hid the design of the jerseys in question. Simply because there was nothing special about them.

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Whereas now it would be sacrilege to hide the teams in which so much has been invested and have become an integral part of the branding of every European giant.

And another curious thing – yesterday, Newcastle were forced to use the jerseys with which they warm up, and not one of their official teams, for visiting Brighton in the second round of the Premier League.

The reason for this strange decision is that none of the Magpies’ three kits (black and white, navy blue and white) are approved, as they do not differ from the blue and white of the Seagulls.

And last but not least – a serious reason for the success of this equipment is its lower price. Because not everyone can afford to shell out 100 euros for a match shirt, and training shirts cost half as much.

So – pay attention to the players’ warm-up kits next time, because this is the new hit in the world of football and is definitely already a multi-hundred million euro industry.

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