Revenge of the plastic surgeon! Call for help Batinkov for…

The “beautification” of the bowl ricocheted violently, and the results are terrifying, commented on the net

The corrections on the face of the former Miss Bulgaria Antonia Petrova can easily be described as “the revenge of the plastic surgeon”. It is not clear who the doctor is, to whom the blonde goes, but he definitely made fun of the pillowcase, “Weekend” wrote.

The face of the current lawyer is moving. Her lips are huge and bulbous, her cheekbones are also intimidating, and her nose is like it was made in a labor and technique class. Her nostrils each live a life of their own and point in a different direction.

The former model has literally disfigured herself with the interventions. It’s unclear if she’s happy with her adjustments, or if she’s considering suing her surgeon.

“How come her husband doesn’t castrate her and stop endangering herself?! When she won the “Miss Bulgaria” contest in 2009, she was a beauty compared to now. She is very scary and I don’t know why her relatives don’t advise her to look around and stop disfiguring herself” – commented on social networks.

Antonia is our first cup to win the contest, having silicone in the bust. After her, it became normal for tuned beauties to win the title. For many years, Totsa only had the implants in her breasts, but after the birth of her first son, Blagovest, whom she calls Best, she began to visit her plastic surgeon, which became more and more intense.

Which dermatologist “left his hands” on the face of Miss Pillow? He either outright hated her or was incompetent for doing this to her! “Miss Bulgaria 2009” can rightfully condemn her surgeon because the nostrils of her nose are different and crooked, and this is evident in one of her latest photos, where she brags that she is in front of a Ferrari factory in Italy.

“Her lips, especially the upper one, look like wrinkled raisins, and with slight “craters” between the folds. Well, whichever way you look at it, the situation is terrible. She is not 40 years old, but she looks like the aunt of a Shakira, for example, who is 45. Her nostrils have the shape of a pentagonal prism”, commented on the network.


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