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Ogilvy Paris launches the ScOre impact, a scoring system that takes into account the positive impact of content creators.

The communication agency Ogilvy Paris is launching the first selection method taking into account the positive impact of creators: theImpact Score, at a time when responsible influence is becoming a necessity, even an obligation. Whether for the creators themselves, for brands or for agencies, responsible influence is no longer a trend, it has become mandatory. Not to mention responsible influence, influence in general has undergone big changes in recent months, with awareness on the part of users and the government alike.

“The reflection carried out by the Ministry of the Economy with the main players in the sector is underway, but 2023 will see the review of what is good and less good practice. As the leading network on the subject, we have decided to adapt our approach accordingly and even to go further in the reflection for our customers engaged on the subject”declares Pierre-Hubert Meilhac, Vice-President of Ogilvy Paris and Director of Ogilvy PR expertise, in a press release.

A method capable of measuring the responsibility of creators

Based on this observation, Ogilvy Paris, which works for a more positive global impact, imagined Impact Score, a method for measuring the responsibility of influencers and content creators. Concretely, the scoring tool explores 3 dimensions, each linked to the pillars of impact as defined by Ogilvy.

The Impact Score assesses the level of commitment or maturity of the designer selected on these three pillars: performance, people and planet. Empowerment of the community, reasoned consumption, environmental commitment… are thus part of the range of items evaluated to lead to an overall rating on the Impact Score.

By crossing the 3 Ps that make up impact, Performance, People, Planet, with the values ​​of transparency, empowerment and responsibility, we have created a completely new scoring method quantifying the creator’s positive impact. Used alone or in addition to traditional performance indicators, this Impact score defines a footprint for each creator and thus allows brands and companies to consider targeting, then the relationship with creators in a different light, that of convergence. values “says Claire Mariat, Deputy Director PR & Influence Ogilvy Paris.

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