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78% of French people surveyed by YouGov consider that companies have a role to play in promoting better consumption. But they are more willing to support those who act than those who make it known.

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Unsurprisingly, French consumers surveyed by YouGov care about the impact of their purchases of products and services. Sustainable development issues and respect for the environment are considered important by 75% of respondents, a score that even rises to 87% among the student population. For 78% of them, companies have a real role to play when it comes to helping them consume better. “Despite this, the vision of advertising is not flattering for companies. Three quarters of the French feel overexposed (75%) and more than two thirds of the population (69%) do not trust brands and their advertisements“, notes YouGov in its press release. And if 61% of respondents consider it legitimate to highlight actions taken in favor of the environment in commercial communication (they are 75% among 18-24 year olds), half notice the development of committed and responsible advertising, but 67% of them even consider that when it comes to advertising, greenwashing is too important.

Thus, among the concrete actions to be taken to move the lines, only 6% of Frenchis surveyed consider the development of responsible advertising to be a priority. “Unsurprisingly, combating waste (58%), encouraging the development of natural energies (44%) and clean transport (41%) emerge above all“, indicates YouGov. We understand better, therefore, the critical reception of recent initiatives, such as that of Crédit Mutuel, victim of “greentrolling” after having touted its new bank card made of recycled plastic and without ink… via a campaign print display.

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And if young people generally have a positive image of companies that communicate in favor of the transition, “the majority of respondents seem to agree on the need for proof (labels, figures) to be able to form an opinion on the brand. As for the educational role of advertising on topics related to the ecological transition, the French are divided (46% agree vs 45% disagree) even if 18-24 year olds are once again more convinced (58% ).”

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