Rejuvenation – the main enemy of the Michael settlement system

Time passed, and Borislav Mihailov appeared in the media with some sporadic initiative. No, this time it’s not a dance floor, nor is he sick of some international conference. It is a question of purely football – the opening of the field. Even as many as three – all three in Sofia.

The news is wonderful, considering the seriously lacking infrastructure for amateur sports in Bulgaria. However, the question arises whether it is the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, in the company of his vice – Emil Kostadionov, who should open a facility of a similar caliber, or following the example of another worthy leader, who remained at the head of the state for 12 years and who opened neighborhood circular and patched holes on intercountry roads with the same swing, we are not used to this trend.

Everything is prepared according to the tried and tested recipe – girls in costumes, water bottles for dousing, cutting of ribbons, consecrations, sprinkled heads and crossing local functionaries. And the obligatory souvenir photos with children brought by their delighted coaches and parents – and for them to confirm how good an uncle makes a president.

And he, multifunctional – opens pitches with one hand, and with the other – turns and points out the reason why we have not qualified for a major championship for 18 years. The big problem of Bulgarian football in this period turned out to be rejuvenation.

This desolate rejuvenation that “eats the head” of breeder after breeder, and the people in the BFS try and try “everything possible”, in the words of Mihailov, but it still doesn’t work and doesn’t work. It was not clear if he was talking about the rejuvenation, or the defunct national team in general.


The so-called our “lions” have not won for almost a year, but now comes the perfect opportunity for that – Gibraltar is coming to “Vasil Levski”. Not for control, but for a completely real match from our League C Group 4 in the Nations League. If you’ve forgotten, our level has already dropped to that of Gibraltar and not only are we in the same group but we can’t beat them away after a 1-1 draw in June.

But we and Georgia and North Macedonia did not manage to beat. In the last world qualifiers, Lithuania also beat us – not in basketball or anything else, but in football. If only it were Gibraltar.

In the light of all this, Bobi Mihailov and company write excellent reviews, convene and dissolve congresses, invent procedural loophole after procedural loophole, lest someone upset the status quo. And the national team – the rejuvenation ate it. Don’t football players have a place to sleep, according to Dancho Lechkov, what more do they want?

While Mihailov opened mini football pitches, dozens of stadiums were built and renovated in our neighboring countries. Already at the beginning of the century, Turkey and Greece hosted Champions League finals. North Macedonia managed to make a stadium worthy of hosting a UEFA Super Cup final.

Meanwhile, in our “first” league, half the teams play either at “Vasil Levski” or at training-like facilities, because they do not have suitable stadiums even for native standards.

Mihailov also calls out, not to argue about the failed control with Argentina. There weren’t enough FIFA dates to play it, but “next year there will be one hundred years of football in Bulgaria and there will be big celebrations”, Bobby promised. He even threatened to seek a chance for control with Germany. May it not turn out in the end that we shall once again be anchored by our friends from Gibraltar?

Hristo Stoichkov told him ten years ago, annoyed by the refereeing in a Litex match – Bobby Mihailov will remain the only president in the recent history of the BFS, who did not go with the national team to a major championship.

The Dagger’s words became prophetic. And then the cart was still pulled by the “three horses” and here and there we beat Belgium (bronze medalists from the 2018 World Cup), Croatia (finalist from the 2018 World Cup), and the Netherlands (finalist from the 2010 World Cup). Now the differences with these teams are insurmountably large.

And so, after a 17-year presidency, the end of which is still not in sight, Mihailov remains without a major championship as the head of the BFS. But who cares anymore, looking at the number of fans at the Vasil Levski national team matches. Maybe that’s the goal, who knows? The important thing is to have rejuvenation. If only it wasn’t at the top of our football headquarters.



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