Refurbished, a booming market with the French

As more and more French people show themselves to be sensitive to ecological issues, the refurbished market is on the rise. After all, why buy a new smartphone when you can have one, certainly not quite recent, but much cheaper? With prices exploding every year, the choice to buy a product that has already been used is gaining ground, in particular thanks to various players who have been able to enter the market at the right time.

According to the Gfk firm, no less than 3.1 million refurbished smartphones were sold in 2021. A 20% increase compared to the previous year, a sign that the purchase of a smartphone that has already been used is becoming more democratic. However, we are far from the new figures, with 16 million smartphones sold over the same period.

Great progress in one year

According to a recent Happydemics study commissioned by the refurbisher YesYes, 42% of French people have already taken the plunge and bought a refurbished product. A percentage that is valid for a panel of 1018 respondents. 421 of them have therefore already purchased a refurbished product. Of these 42%, 58% have opted for a smartphone (down 11 points compared to 2021) and 26% have bought a computer. Small electrical appliances were chosen in 25% of cases.

The study then specifies that these purchases were made on platforms such as Back Market or Amazon in 47% of cases. 17% made this purchase in a specialized store like YesYes or Easy Cash and 14% at an operator. Obviously, the main reason for buying refurbished instead of new is the price for 75% of consumers who have taken the plunge, as well as the ecological aspect for 45% of them.

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But still chilly French people

Logically, if 42% bought a refurbished product, 58% abstained. The study therefore focuses on the obstacles that remain. Contrary to what one might think, the main reason (for 40% of respondents) is the lack of opportunity or a lack of interest in this specific market. However, lack of confidence in a new product comes in second place with 29%.

It therefore remains to study the arguments that could make them change their minds. For 43% of respondents, this would be possible if they had the guarantee of being able to contact an accessible customer service if necessary. We note 34% of people opposed to refurbished products would be ready to reconsider their position if the duration of the product’s life warranty were longer. It should be noted that for 27% of them, the fact that the reconditioning is carried out in France constitutes one of the main arguments for turning to this type of product.

The figures for the adoption of a refurbished product are therefore up sharply compared to last year. It is not impossible that by next year, the results of a similar study show that one in two French people have abandoned the new market for the second-hand market, whether on smartphones, but also on the other product lines. It is up to the various reconditioned players to ensure that this adoption rate improves.

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