Red Bull “surprised and disappointed” by the FIA’s announcement that they have breached the budget limit

photo: Spas Genev

The Red Bull team were “surprised and disappointed by the FIA’s announcement that they violated the budget limit for 2021. The International Automobile Federation explained today the result of the inspection of the financial documents of the teams for last year. According to the organization, only one team – Red Bull – exceeded the limit. The team from Milton Keynes and Aston Martin have procedural violations. However, the Silverstone team is under spending constraints.

Red Bull released the following statement:

“We note the FIA’s findings of a ‘minor overspend’, which is a breach of financial rules, with surprise and disappointment. Our 2021 filings were below the budget limit. Therefore, we must carefully review the findings of the FIA. We continue to believe that the costs under discussion are below the 2021 cap. Despite the speculation and the positions of other (teams), there is an FIA-approved procedure that we will follow as we consider our available options.”

Christian Horner told BBC Radio 4 this morning that his team had met the budget limit.

“We were shocked by the speculation and accusations made by other teams. Anything other than our finances being fine would be a surprise for us,” the Red Bull boss said.

The possible breach was reported on the eve of the weekend in Singapore. From then until now, Red Bull has continuously denied that they exceeded their budget for last year. There were even veiled threats of legal action if other teams did not withdraw their statements commenting on the information about the Milton Keynes team.

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