Reality Pro: Apple’s mixed reality headset delayed due to hardware and software issues

Apple takes its time. The Cupertino company has just postponed the announcement date of its mixed reality headset. Hardware and software problems would still remain, according to sources close to the project relayed by Bloomberg.

An announcement at WWDC?

Initially, the apple brand planned to announce its new flagship in April. Problem, many bugs remain to be solved. The release has therefore been rescheduled and is now scheduled for the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s annual conference for developers, in June. This new date would inspire software developers to start looking at the headset before the device is released. Apple hopes to market its product before the end of the year.

After several months of delay, 2023 seems to be the ideal year for this launch. The Reality Pro is set to revolutionize the mixed reality industry. The firm is not expected to announce any major innovation for its traditional products, in order to focus attention on its new product – however, we are still waiting for a larger MacBook Air, a new version of the Mac Pro, as well as an update from the iPhone; Bloomberg predicts that no significant changes will come to the AirPods or iPad side.

A risky bet

Initially, the Apple Reality Pro is expected to retail for around $3,000, although a higher version “light” could be in development with a price close to that of an iPhone. With a Mac-grade M2 ​​chip, multiple 4K displays, and a slew of cameras, the hardware would have been complex and expensive to develop. . Coast software, the simplicity would not have been there either. Apple developers are working to create a precise system giving the user the ability to control the interface with his fingers, in space, in 3D. An object could also be selected with just a look.
A real technological feat that seems straight out of science fiction. Internally, employees close to the project would however be divided on the possible success of the device. Some think that Apple will revolutionize the future when others fear an overpriced product that will only partially appeal to the general public.

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