Reader-testers: we are opening applications to test the Samsung Bespoke AI washing machine

In an ideal world, the laundry of dirty clothes would be done by itself as if by magic and we would be rid of this chore. But nothing is perfect and you still have to sort the laundry, put on the detergent and press a few buttons. That said, let’s be honest, the task is still much easier today than yesterday. What if we told you that with a Samsung Bespoke AI washing machine, it’s even better?

A washing machine that detects the weight and type of laundry

With its Bespoke AI laundry care line, Samsung is bringing artificial intelligence to laundry rooms. Today is the washing machine that our future testers will receive and put to the test. First technology to test: Ecobubble. It consists of injecting air into the mixture of water and detergent. As a result, the latter would dissolve better and be more effective. Even when cold (15°C), we would see the same efficiency as with a cycle at 40°C. Young parents, we are thinking of you! You who never finish washing your baby’s bodysuits, bibs and other linens, you should appreciate this feature and very quickly notice a drop in your energy consumption. Because washing at 15°C means saving energy!

Consuming less energy is good, but also reducing water and detergent consumption is even better. Our testers will therefore be interested in the technology called AI Wash. The washing machine detects the weight and type of laundry, monitors the soil level during the cycle and adjusts the level of water and detergent accordingly. The machine also continuously adjusts the soak, rinse and spin speed.

To test this washing machine, we are looking for testers for whom the washing machine is essential in the household. He must be able to get through the mountains of dirty laundry every week, to manage the eldest’s sportswear when he comes home from rugby, those of the twins after their afternoon of riding, the duvet and pillow of the youngest allergic to dust mites, without forgetting less dirty daily laundry (although…), but which represents a hell of a lot. For this, testers will probably be interested in the drum capacity of the Bespoke AI washing machine which is 11 kg. But don’t panic, thanks to SpaceMax technology, this washing machine has standard dimensions, i.e. 60 cm deep.

Four places available to test this washing machine

If you recognize yourself in the profile of the tester-reader, all you have to do is fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this article. We will then contact the four selected readers by email to confirm their participation and send them all the information relating to the test. You have until October 24 to submit your application.

Last clarification before you start. A Samsung Bespoke AI WW11BB704DGW washing machine will be delivered to you and installed at your home. Then, at the end of the test, the installer will pick it up. On the other hand, it is up to you to provide a location to install the Samsung washing machine and to store your own washing machine elsewhere for the duration of the test. You will also have to set up and start your washing machine yourself at the end of the test.

¹Tests carried out on the basis of the IEC 60456-2010 standard / Wash load 4 kg / Super Eco cold program (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Results may vary depending on how the washing machine is used.

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