Rapper Ray J & Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Leaked, He Blames Her Mom (Video)

Jay also showed a chat with Kim

Rapper Ray J, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, is speaking out about a leaked sex tape he and Kim made 20 years ago. Ray J, like Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West, is accusing her mother Kris Jenner of instigating the recording as a PR stunt to draw attention to their reality show, it has been reported bg-voice.com.

The rapper recorded an emotional video on Instagram, in which he stated that the last straw was Kris Jenner’s appearance on James Corden’s show, where she, passing a lie detector test, answered the question of whether she was involved in the leak of the video in the network. Jenner said no, and the polygraph registered that she was telling the truth.

In his post, Ray J accused Jenner of lying and racism, saying she wanted to “bury” him. He also accused the polygraph examiner of fraud.

Jay stated that this whole plan was originally Kris Jenner’s idea and he just went along with it. Jenner also got him to sign a contract. They also shot three videos so Jenner could choose the one in which her daughter looks best.

Ray J noted that Kris Jenner is trying to make it seem like this whole story is his doing, and she herself had no part in it.

“Your fans believe in your honesty and sincerity, but everything is fake and your tears are fake. I was playing my part until you started doing all this,” the rapper claimed.

At the same time, what upsets him the most is that this story reached his children: once his son, who was five years old at the time, saw an advertisement in one of the games in the form of a crying emoticon depicting the rapper , who said, “New sex video Kim.”

Earlier, this story was told again by Kanye West, who often lashed out in his posts against mother Kris Jenner. Like Ray J, he claims the mother is the one who started the story and used her daughter to promote the family’s reality show, adding that his children “will never be in a sex video.”


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