Ramzan Kadyrov has announced that he is stepping down as president of Chechnya

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said he was already old and announced his intention to step down as head of the Chechen Republic, reported “Ofnews“.

In a video message from his favorite phone, the president of Chechnya did not set specific deadlines in which he plans to realize his wish. Kadyrov said he was the longest-serving republican leader and said he had to leave in time before he was ousted. Most likely, Kadyrov is cunning, and behind his so-called withdrawal there are other plans for himself.

According to political scientist Sergey Kiselyov, there are two possible versions of Ramzan Kadyrov’s resignation statement. One is the “response” of the federal center, Moscow, which gives Ramzan Akhmatovich no more powers than to control 1/85 of the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, we must be aware that under no circumstances will he leave his native Chechnya without his personal control.

The second possible option is Kadyrov’s future new engagements. Kiselov admits that Kadyrov may soon become a key figure in “special operation Z” – commanding the front. The version is also spreading that he can become the governor-general of the new territories, the occupied regions of Ukraine.

Political scientist and head of the research center “Minchenko Consulting” Yevgeny Minchenko suggested that the Chechen president may be appointed as a special representative of the president of Russia for interaction with Islamic states. Minchenko points to his adviser Ruslan Edelgeriev as a possible successor to Kadyrov as president of Chechnya.

According to “Meduza”, Kadyrov can head “Rosgvardia”.

“Salam alaikum. Greetings everyone. This is me, again with my phone. This is how it works now. Now I realized that I am the biggest long-timer among all the heads of subjects (republics in the Russian Federation, b. r.), in the first place. It’s been 15 years since I led the republic. We Caucasian Chechens have a proverb: No matter how much a guest is respected, long-awaited, if he leaves on time, it is even more pleasant. Therefore, I think that my time has also come, until they leave me kicked out. So, such things, it seems to me that I am old now, I was once young, the most inexperienced, and now I have remained so inexperienced, but the youth has gone somewhere I do not know. Such things. We have already begun to think about it . We will try to leave on time. Salaim alaikum, Akhmat sila!”, the Chechen leader also said

On the day that Kadyrov announced that he was “going to leave”, it became clear that a new 78th motorized rifle regiment had been formed in Grozny and was given the name “Akhmat Hadji Kadyrov”. The regiment is part of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division and, as of today, its servicemen can begin full-fledged military service, Kadyrov himself wrote in Telegram.


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