R.S. Consult proposed to PFC “Levski” a solution for payment of the obligations to the NRA – BG football

The management company R.S. Consult, which has a management contract with PFC “Levski” and is part of the Palms Bet group of companies, in which the club’s general sponsor also participates, yesterday submitted a proposal to the Supervisory Board for financing the club. The proposal is part of the long-term strategy for the development of “Levski”, which was presented to the majority owner of the club at the conclusion of the Management Agreement back in 2021, and was subsequently communicated during public meetings.

The proposal refers to the issuance of an additional package of shares, with which to finance the club for the payment of obligations to the NRA. The management company explained that this would make it possible to start servicing old, overdue debts to the revenue agency in a short period of time.

The issue of shares must be approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders of PFK “Levski”, which should be convened according to the established order, after which the issue procedure can begin as soon as possible.

As soon as he took office a year ago, R.S. Consult proposed a long-term strategy for the development of PFC “Levski”. The strategy includes attracting a strategic investor, as well as several other financing options, including the imitation of a new issue of shares.

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