Qatar 2022: Room 02 – better than a prison cell and a lot worse than student accommodation

They failed to get the hoteliers to lower the prices under $250, created thousands of one-of-a-kind rooms in cooperatives of the same type located on the same type of streets

Qatar has thrown 200 billion dollars of state money into this world. Although a flea bit them, the people would say. But the hosts really tried. In fact, people here could only be affected by two things – if you insult their religion in some way and if you say that you don’t like something in the world. They really want to please the guests of the World Cup and make really incredible efforts.

Stadiums are top. Everyone has some specific feature in their appearance, which is both typically Qatari, and interesting, and does not interfere with the main reason for which a stadium is built – to play football. Al Bait, for example, where the opening match was played, is shaped like a Bedouin tent. Al Janub, designed by Zaha Hadid’s architectural studio and herself, is meant to resemble a local fishermen’s boat.

“Lusail” is like gold from the outside and it is no coincidence that the final of the World Cup will be played there. The most interesting to me was Stadium 974, which is made of 974 metal shipping containers. Even the toilet is in a container. They claim that it happened by chance to assemble the stadium from just that many containers, but I doubt it – after all, Qatar’s phone code is +974.

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