Putin’s agents are everywhere!

Putin’s agents are everywhere!

I’m already afraid to look under the bed

The urban right has caught a summer paranoia. Is it possible for President Radev to “change the geopolitical orientation of Bulgaria”, as claimed on the yellow paving stones? It is like him stopping the rotation of the Earth to come down.

First, Comrade Putin is not so crazy as to withdraw his Trojan horse from NATO and the EU. And secondly, if he changes our orientation, he will have to give us cheap gas like Serbia and China. Where’s the fay? It is 100 times more profitable for him to sell us expensive gas through intermediaries, since part of the markup goes into the personal accounts of his people and himself.

It is even more profitable to absorb the money under the recovery plan through offshore companies that will implement green projects in Bulgaria. That is why we are firmly in NATO and there is no movement. If NATO collapses tomorrow, Bulgaria will be the last to learn.

Of course, it’s okay to be a little paranoid during wartime

Especially since the Russian agency has recently become more active. I’m already afraid to peek under the bed, lest I see Ambassador Mitrofanova with a wad of rubles in her hand.

Therefore, I want to help the urban right to search for the Russian agents a little more successfully. The principle in journalism is simple – follow the money. Track where they come from, where they go, and then it will become clear who is Putin’s agent and what is a deceptive maneuver.

Take, for example, the maneuver with the 70 expelled Russian diplomats. Have you noticed any cash flows? No bullshit. The only benefit is that the government creates an indulgence – after this bold act, our loyalty to NATO is now beyond doubt!

But if we trace the money, doubts arise… Last week, Delyan Dobrev brought to light documents from which it appears that not even 1 molecule of American gas entered the country. We buy the same Russian gas again, but through intermediaries.

In 3 months, these intermediaries received 200 million euros from Bulgaria in addition to the price under the terminated contract. And if “Gazprom” condemns us to pay 80% of the non-received gas, because it is so according to the contract – here you have more than 500 million.

It is logical to assume that the lion’s share of this money goes into Putin’s personal pockets

and his people. It is well known that Gazprom’s intermediary is done with the Kremlin’s blessing – otherwise there is no way to trade with this commodity. The intermediaries may be registered all over the world – Switzerland, the Bahamas, Dubai, the Caymans – they may be a chain of connected offshore companies, their patron may be a Bulgarian folk singer or a retired American general, but somewhere behind the series of screens Comrade Putin is still smiling.

You will know them by the goods. The entire Bulgarian transition passed under the sign of gas intermediaries. Do you remember that 30 years ago Andrey Lukanov created the gas intermediary “Topenergy” and left the parliament? Then Ilya Pavlov took that cash cow from him, and Lukanov was shot. Then the SDS came to power and declared war on Topenergy. In the end, he managed to eliminate him, but on the Russian side, the intermediary remained. Then Putin came to power, changed the management of “Gazprom” and the intermediaries. Then Iliya Pavlov was also shot. And it wasn’t until 2012 that the Russian mediator dropped out, but not because of our insistence, but after the ultimatum request from the EU.

And now, as soon as the PP came to power, the mediators appeared again

And they immediately pinched 200 million euros on top with the option for another 600 million. This is only for 3 months, by the end of the year it will probably be a billion and a half – two. And the right claims that Radev was a Russian agent. He must be an agent, I say, how else does one become president? But where are its cash flows?

If we expand the bright ray of paranoia, we see that the state company “Kintex” transferred 800 thousand dollars to a dubious offshore company in Dubai. If it is to someone’s personal account, there is nothing wrong with it, the money remains in Bulgarian hands. But why in Dubai? Americans don’t like this destination, they have Delaware. Middle Eastern offshore companies are a favorite of Russian oligarchs. Excuse me, a famous Bulgarian lives there too.

These are all questions that need clarification. Why, for example, did ITN dissolve the coalition? Because of Macedonia. Who does not want Macedonia to enter the EU? Putin. He cannot allow Serbia to fall into complete isolation.

You see the crypto-Putinists are not in just one party

They are everywhere. And especially among scholarship holders of a foundation, since they are about to bring “Vazrazhdane” to power.

Why did Kostov sell Neftokhim to Lukoil? Why did Saxe-Coburg-Goth bring the Easterlings, and they sold BTC to the Icelander Tor Bj√∂rgolfsson, who happened to be a personal friend of Putin and Russia’s Honorary Consul in Iceland? And President Parvanov with his Triple Helmet? And the flirting with Westinghouse, which will buy nuclear fuel from Putin to sell it to us?

Not everyone’s job is clean. But everyone

pale in comparison to the glut for recovery plan money,

which is never ready. Why is it late? Apparently because of Putin.

As is known, Kiro and Assen signed a memorandum with the company “Jemcorp” to build some ecologically clean science fiction, for which we will pay about 1 billion dollars from the European subsidies. Gemcorp (Gem Corporation) is owned by an offshore company that is owned by another offshore company and another offshore company, and so on until patience runs out.

But here is that, according to the “Bird” internet publication, “Jemcorp” was connected to the Russian oligarch Albert Avdolyan. He was a confidant of Sergey Chemezov, head of “Rostech” and a confidant of Vladimir Putin. Together they served in the KGB on the territory of East Germany. Since 2014, Chemezov has been on the sanctions lists of the EU and the US because of the annexation of Crimea by Ukraine. Naturally, none of the

the offshore matryoshka series

it has nothing to do with energy. And it has everything to do with easy money.

As we should have understood, “Bird” is not an accidental publication. A month or so goes by and he pulls out information that no ordinary Bulgarian journalist has access to.

After this revelation dawned, Kiro and Asen resisted and denied for a long time. First they justified themselves that everything was coordinated with the American embassy. Then the American embassy denied that there was such a thing.

But I do not rule out that Hero Mustafa is Putin’s agent. How else did they send her as an ambassador to Sofia?