Putin with a constant fever, lost 8 kg in just a few months

The President of Russia suffers from a severe cough and constant nausea

He also had no appetite because of medication and a special diet for cancer patients

Close people in Vladimir Putin’s entourage have begun to notice that the once “macho” leader has weakened physically and suffers from an ever-worsening cough, the Mirror newspaper claims.

According to the Telegram channel General SVR, in recent months he has lost as much as 8 kilograms.

Putin’s deteriorating health has also been noticed by the Russian elite, who have long believed that the leader is suffering from cancer, although the Kremlin strongly denies such a claim.

Between Friday and Sunday, Putin was seen only once – in an online meeting with the governor of the former Gulag camp in Magadan, Sergey Nosov. However, such meetings are often perceived as “canned” or pre-recorded and broadcast later in the day.

Putin is reported to have held a one-on-one working meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko today. In the short video that has been released, the Russian president coughs again while discussing the provision of sports in the Ukrainian regions he has annexed.

The source of the Telegram channel, which does not provide evidence for its claims, reports:

“Both Putin himself, and his relatives, as well as doctors, are worried about the president’s coughing fits, as well as constant nausea and lack of appetite due to medication and a special diet for cancer patients.”

It is also said that Vladimir Putin is constantly in a bad mood because of the war in Ukraine. He even shouted and used vulgar words during an online meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

After the video conference connection with Shoigu was interrupted, Putin was unable to continue the conversations with the other participants because of another strong coughing fit. The meeting was terminated, and the president was given medical assistance, a Kremlin source claimed.


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