Putin: There will be a harsh response if terrorist attacks by Ukraine continue

Russia will react harshly if the Ukrainian authorities continue to organize terrorist attacks, it said Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Security Council.

The head of state emphasized that the Kyiv authorities were behind the explosion of the Crimean bridge.

“The data from the forensic medical examination and other examinations, as well as the operational information show that the October 8 explosion is a terrorist act. A terrorist act aimed at destroying Russia’s civilian critical infrastructure. It is also clear that the sponsors, organizers and perpetrators of the terrorist act are the Ukrainian special services,” Putin said.

He accused the Ukrainian authorities of trying to organize an explosion of a section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

“This has been proven and confirmed, including by the arrested perpetrators of the terrorist acts,” said the Russian president.

In addition, Putin accused Ukraine of shelling the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and attempting to sabotage the Kursk nuclear power plant.

“Ukrainian special services have already committed three acts of terrorism against the Russian Kursk nuclear power plant, repeatedly undermining the power plant’s high-voltage lines. The third such act of terrorism resulted in the damage of three such lines at the same time. The damage was repaired in the shortest possible time and no serious consequences were allowed,” he said.

The Russian leader also spoke about the Ukrainian authorities’ attempts to blow up one of the sections of the Turkish Stream gas transmission system.


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