Putin stopped oil for countries that accepted a price ceiling, but Bulgaria will receive (Overview)

By decree, President Vladimir Putin halted supplies to countries that have adopted a price cap for Russian oil. The embargo takes effect on February 1 and lasts for five months, with the possibility of an extension.

In early December, the EU, G7 countries and Australia agreed to a ceiling of $60 per barrel. However, Bulgaria will not be affected by the restrictions, as it enjoys a derogation for the supply of Russian oil until the end of 2024. Therefore, supplies to the Burgas refinery will continue after February 1.

However, the export of fuels from the plant will be limited if a law proposed by DPS and already passed in first reading is finally adopted. According to him, “Lukoil Neftohim” will not be able to sell abroad the products produced from Russian oil.

However, “We continue the change” propose an amendment to the law in question, according to which Bulgaria can export fuels, but only to Ukraine or to third countries.

Their proposal is related to the adoption of the ninth EU sanctions package against Russia. It specifically states that fuel cannot be exported except to Ukraine to help the country in its war against Russia.

The PP has also proposed amendments, according to which all those who carry out economic activities related to oil products are obliged to develop a strategic plan for adapting their economic activity. This would allow them not to use products originating in Russia after December 31, 2024.

After this date, the complete ban on the import of Russian oil comes into force. In this way, it will be guaranteed that Bulgarian consumers will not experience fuel shortages or price increases after this date. (24 hours)


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