Putin may be an agent of the CIA, but he may also be an agent of Beijing

He always misses the train on purpose

In April, the urge to be original prompted me to write article under the title “Putin – a CIA agent?

Then one of our very serious and stubborn political scientists took me to the ground – there was no way. I fantasize. Apparently the guy has access to the files at Langley.

But now I am rehabilitated. The other day, Alexey Arestovych, a famous expert and adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky, personally said the following: The feeling that Putin is an American spy used to come to me once every 5 years, but now once every 15 minutes! A more effective destruction of the Russian Federation I simply cannot imagine!.

And indeed, Putin seems to deliberately make all his moves with fatal delay. He deliberately misses the train every time. Last week, for example, he announced a “partial mobilization”, which obviously should have happened at least 3 months earlier. At the moment, the Russian troops in Ukraine are 3-4 times smaller than the Ukrainian ones and are spread thinly along a front of more than 1000 kilometers. Very clear that they will be pierced. Which happened last week east of Kharkiv.

In three days, the Ukrainians advanced more than 50 kilometers in depth, captured several key settlements and now threaten to destroy the entire Russian grouping in Luhansk.

You don’t have to be a genius military strategist to foresee it. Ukraine began total mobilization at the beginning of July. He currently claims to have an army of 1 million, but more likely has 700-800 thousand. Russia has only 150-200 thousand against it and their positions are becoming more and more loose and indefensible. You’d have to be really hard on the head not to see early on where things are going.

Or being a foreign agent. But now I wonder whose – American or Chinese? Because Putin is obviously not German, Germany is the big loser after Russia. However this war ends, Europe will be miserable and China will get the lion’s share of Russian resources.

At the recent meeting in Samarkand, the leaders of China, India and Turkey are said to have hinted to Putin to end this war. Chinese President Xi Jinping personally gave him a deadline of 3 months. As soon as he returned to Moscow, the Russian leader announced 3 measures – the inadequate late mobilization, the referendums on the annexation of the conquered territories to Russia and one more thing, which should also alarm us in Bulgaria – that if it doesn’t work out, he can use tactical nuclear weapons .

And it’s obvious that it won’t work for him. According to Defense Minister Shoigu, the authorities plan to mobilize 300,000 middle-aged reservists with military specialties. According to Western experts, the Russian barracks do not have the conditions for more than 100,000 recruits. While they equip and prepare them, it will be at least 3 months.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians’ numerical superiority remains, but new and new Western weapons are constantly arriving – high-precision howitzers and volley-fire missile systems that can hit a discarded sanitary napkin from 70 kilometers, guided by Elon Musk’s satellites. Russia is far from such precision. Only 16 American Katyusha “Heimers” ruined the logistics in the Russian rear. And another 40 are about to arrive with even longer-range shells, German Leopard tanks, the latest anti-aircraft systems. Ukrainian pilots will be trained to fly the F-15 and F-16, but who can guess if they are Ukrainian? The Poles have long mastered these fighters.

Indeed, Putin has no other argument left than a nuclear strike. But this is a door to hell.

The nuclear threat looks even more ominous as it is combined with the referendums in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. Putin is a legalist, he wants to settle things formally. The problem is that formally Russia is not at war, but is conducting a “special military operation”. Professional soldiers and mercenaries participate in this operation, but not mobilized fighters, who are called “conscripts”, i.e. they were served with a summons. The moment these territories turn out to be primordial Russian, callsigns will be able to be used in them. And as Putin often reminds: “If you attack Russian territory, we will strike at the decision-making center!”

Where is this center? In Kyiv? Or in Washington? Putin leaves that to the imagination. Naturally, no one will recognize the referendums except Belarus, North Korea and possibly Iran. China – by no means. Beijing has not yet recognized Crimea.

The former head of US forces in Europe, Fr. h. General Ben Hodges, told the Daily Mail that if the Kremlin used nuclear weapons, the US would deliver a “crushing blow” against Russia. They could, for example, destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet and its bases in Crimea.

This is close enough to Bulgaria, but where will the cruise missiles be launched from? Even closer.

Let’s hope it’s from ships, not bases, because Russia will respond with its vaunted Caliber missiles.

It turns out that Russia’s enormous potential has been bewitched by mismanagement. It just can’t move, turn into kinetic energy. This is how the aforementioned Arestovich describes the situation: Putin did not manage the so-called “special military operation”, neither with the design, nor with the complexity, nor with the logistics, nor with the motivation… And what did they decide to do after they realized that their original plan was not working?

They decided to complicate their task tenfold. It’s like a fourth grader failed a second grade assignment and then we give him an 11th grade assignment, some integral calculus. And let’s think it will work out…

Russia has been preparing for this war for 8 years. And what turns out? That another 8 will not be enough, as the Russian oligarchic regime will lose its mind. Wars are generally won or lost before they begin. And as I have written many times, Russia has lost this war ever since Gorbachev’s time, when this mafia-oligarchic social order, which can destroy any country from the inside, began.

Is he an oligarch – then he is ready to sell his people for as much as he bought them. Last week, for example, it emerged that Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, a close associate of Putin, had arranged the release of five British mercenaries captured in Ukraine. It is clear that he is ready for any humanitarian feats to save his properties in England. The former Russian honest privateer, close to Yeltsin and governor of Chukotka, has been a loyal subject of the British crown for at least 20 years and is doing everything possible to prove his loyalty. No wonder we see him baronet tomorrow. “Sir Abramovich” will suit him, especially if he renames himself “Abrams”.

The problem is that Putin is of the exact same blood type.


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