Putin furious, called his minister a fool

President Vladimir Putin publicly mocked one of his deputy prime ministers at the first Russian government meeting of the year.

Putin asks Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, who is the Minister of Trade and Industry: “Why are you making a fool of yourself.” This can be seen in a video published by RIA Novosti.

In July, Manturov was put in charge of Russia’s defense industry. Then he enjoyed Putin’s favor, accompanying him on various trips, the Associated Press reports. But the sanctions are clearly affecting Russia’s ability to procure valuable resources. A reason for Putin’s anger is the lack of orders for new planes.

Manturov was tasked with concluding contracts worth 175 billion rubles ($2.56 billion) with state airline Aeroflot, according to Reuters. Putin angrily claims that not a single one has been signed.

In the clip, the minister is seen looking down at his desk as the president gestures sarcastically.

“Denis Valentinovich, you have arranged everything, but there are no contracts. There are no contracts with the enterprises! The directors told me. Why are you acting like a fool? When will there be contracts? That’s what I’m talking about. I ask you to finish this work within a month.”

The “whipping” continues for nearly a minute, with the remaining 12 participants in the conversation remaining silent, some looking deeply engrossed in the documents in front of them.


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