Putin discussed Pugachev’s rebellion with stunned teachers

From the incident with the Don Cossack in the 18th century, the Russian president drew an up-to-date conclusion that the state must be strong

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked a Russian teacher to tell him in detail about an 18th-century rebellion that rocked the Russian Empire during the reign of Empress Catherine II. Then he expressed his personal opinion about this lesson from history, that the state must be strong, reported Reuters.

Putin, who has led Russia since 1999, faces the most serious challenge to his rule at a time when his army is losing ground after seven months of war in Ukraine and his country’s confrontation with the West is at its most acute. standoff since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, according to Reuters.

During a lengthy video conference meeting with a group of award-winning teachers, Putin unexpectedly began questioning one of them about Emelyan Pugachev’s rebellion in 1773-1775.

“What was this Pugachev rebellion? Why did it happen? What is your opinion?” Putin asked the stoic teacher, who listed several reasons for the most serious popular uprising during the 34-year reign of Catherine II.

Putin noted with irony that the teacher’s answer resembled that of a diplomat from the Russian Foreign Ministry, and asked him again to clearly state his views on the causes and results of the uprising led by the Don Cossack Emelyan Pugachev, who posed as Emperor Peter III.

“He proclaimed himself tsar,” Putin said of Pugachev, who, fueled by rumors that Emperor Peter III was alive and intrigue at the tsar’s court, sparked a major rebellion in 1773 before being crushed by Catherine II’s forces in more than a year and a half later.

“Essentially, this was caused by the weakness of the central government in the country,” concluded Putin.

Pugachev was publicly executed in January 1775 on Red Square in Moscow. However, his rebellion had a long-term impact on the reign of Catherine II and later served as the plot of Alexander Pushkin’s historical novel The Captain’s Daughter, according to Reuters.


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