Pure One S15 Pet stick vacuum test: a new wind at Tineco?

Pure One S15 Pet stick vacuum test: a new wind at Tineco?

Convenience of use

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pet is the successor to the S12, of which we also find the main lines. As an upright vacuum, the motor, filtration system, and hopper are placed close to the user’s wrist; this special architecture (called “stick”) allows the device to be oriented in any direction, with its suction tube fixed or not, in order to be able to reach the most inaccessible places.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

The Pure One S15 Pet and its accessories.

Upon unboxing, the Pure One S15 Pet makes a good impression. The materials seem solid and ready to endure a few years of use before showing signs of weakness. The various clips that hold the parts in place have no play, but they are also easy to handle.

It is relatively heavy since the main unit already weighs 1.79 kg in handheld vacuum mode. When you attach the head and the suction tube to it, the scale then displays 3.10 kg, which also makes the Pure One S15 Pet one of the heaviest models in our comparison. Fortunately, so configured, most of the weight rests on the ground. In addition, the various joints of the head are very flexible and you never slip, even in the sharpest turns. In short, we vacuum without difficulty, even on dark floors or under furniture since the head, always it, is equipped with a ramp of LEDs which makes it possible to identify dust in the blink of an eye.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

The usefulness of the LED ramp no longer needs to be demonstrated.

As a stick vacuum, the Pure One S15 Pet needs a storage base to store when not in use. But while “tradition” (or ease) leads manufacturers to often offer a wall base to be fixed to the wall with dowels, screws, a drill and the inevitable dumper of insanity that accompanies the use of a drill — for the less handy among us — Tineco preferred the solution of a weighted base to be placed on the ground.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

It is very well designed since it does not tip over, it is not too bulky and you just have to put the vacuum cleaner on it to store it and recharge it thanks to the electrical connectors. We therefore regret a little less that it is impossible to charge the vacuum cleaner by directly connecting the charger to it or to the battery, removable on this model.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

The base on the ground is very discreet.

As is often the case, Tineco has paid particular attention to its interface and the top of the machine houses several indicators, including an electronic display which indicates the remaining autonomy. However, it is necessary to be satisfied with a percentage, when certain British vacuum cleaners are more precise by indicating a duration to the nearest second.

Tineco PureOne S15

Be careful, the stick display can lead to reading errors. Here, for example, the charge level is not 28% but 82%.

This digital display is supported by a luminous circle which transcribes the data collected by the dust sensor. The redder this circle, the more dirt there is on the floor. It gradually turns blue during the vacuuming session when it spots less and less dust.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

Although it looks complicated, the control panel is ultimately very intuitive.

The rest of the control panel consists of two buttons. The one that takes the form of a trigger serves as the main switch and a first press starts the suction, which only stops after a second press. We are therefore in the presence of a continuous suction system which does not tire the wrist, since it is not necessary to tense it to continue the suction. On the downside, the autonomy can decrease, because you have to think about stopping the Pure One S15, which is not easy when it is simply a question of moving a piece of furniture or a trinket to reach a place to dust. On its previous model, Tineco allowed you to choose between two methods of triggering the suction and it is therefore a shame not to take advantage of this possibility on the S15.

The second button allows you to switch from maximum power to automatic power. First observation, it is impossible to reach it with the thumb – or any other finger for that matter – which holds the handle. You will therefore have to use your second hand to switch from one mode to another; we experienced more practice. However, the automatic mode is quite effective and you can clearly feel the engine revving up when the suction head goes from a hard floor to a shag carpet.

The pairing to the smartphone is done rather simply. And fortunately, because the features offered are quite futile and we do without them very well. Among the possibilities offered, you can for example switch from Max mode to Auto mode, which is less practical than going through the button on the device. The app also gives the remaining battery life.

More interesting, a counter informs the user about the state of the filter as well as its replacement. It is also planned to set up a cleaning diary which will warn the user that it is time to tackle the cleaning of his interior. In short, this is not the time that Tineco will convince those who do not understand the point of connecting their vacuum cleaner to their smartphone.

Apart from the vacuum cleaner itself, the box of the Tineco Pure One S15 Pet contains a flat brush, a crevice tool and an electric mini-turbobrush. There is also an additional foam filter and a maintenance tool.

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5


Emptying the waste container of the Pure One S15 Pet requires pressing a button placed on the wall of the collector. The hinged bottom swivels and releases dust, nothing very new so far. But Tineco has placed a mechanism to be operated near the trigger which takes the form of a piece to be pushed down. A rubber blade then scrapes the inner walls of the collector to dislodge any debris that could get stuck; an excellent idea that avoids having to do this very unattractive task yourself.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

The push button to evacuate the waste.

Is it because of this feature? You cannot separate the collector from the main block to clean it. Of course, you can remove the multicyclone filtration system by unscrewing it and thus have access to a large part of the waste container, but it is impossible to reach certain places where fine dust is maliciously hiding. To be completely complete, it should be noted that the foam filter and the HEPA filter can be removed very easily and without the need to disassemble the stick vacuum cleaner: the first by pulling the gray plastic part downwards under the collector, the second by extracting another piece of shiny plastic placed at the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

Here is all the filter elements of the Pure One S15 Pet.

However, the maintenance of the filters should not be too regular since the multiple cyclones fulfill their office perfectly. All the dust is separated from the air before being redirected to the collector to remain confined there. We made the Pure One S15 swallow 20 grams of cocoa powder before running it for a few seconds to properly impregnate the air circuit and then weighing the foam filter and the HEPA filter. Neither had gained weight, which effectively means that no fine dust particles came out of the waste bin; nice work!

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

The roller outside the suction head…

Finally, the brush of the S15 is very easily extracted from its housing to remove hair or long hair that could have gotten tangled there. Good point, no tools are needed to play the latch that holds the roller in place. But again, this shouldn’t happen too often because the head has a comb that runs the full width. This is responsible for recovering this waste which tends to get stuck in the drive shaft of the brush and the system is very effective.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

… and the comb that removes hair and long hair.