Pure Electric innovates with its Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex scooters

The Anglo-Saxon brand Pure Electric has unveiled its new electric scooter designed for the urban environment. From safety to user comfort, including transportation, the Pure Advance two-wheeler is a model suitable for city driving.

The great novelty, differentiating it from the rest of the market, lies in its new chassis. Indeed, where other ranges of scooters force the user to put both feet on the deck, and therefore to be slightly off-center with respect to the handlebars, the Pure Advance offers two footrests on each side of the aluminum frame. Thus, the driver is facing, which offers him better driving comfort, but also balance.

The Pure Advance offers various safety options suitable for urban driving. With its “see and be seen” philosophy, the scooter has a front headlight, as well as two integrated brake lights and indicators. Added to this is a handlebar reset system to keep it straight when no pressure is applied to it.

The Pure Advance is available in two models, a first with a 355 Wh battery (maximum autonomy of 40 km) for 899 €, and a second, more powerful, with a 432 Wh battery (50 km of autonomy) for 100 € more. Finally, for 1199 €, it is possible to acquire the Pure Advance Flex, a foldable model.

However, on the latter, the gain in space optimization induces a loss in power. The most expensive scooter in the range is thus the one with the least efficient battery. If its autonomy is still announced at 40 km, it has a 345 Wh battery “only”. Especially since the weight remains the same as on the standard models, around 15 kg, as does the power of the motor (500 W on the three models).

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