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Publicis France is actively engaged in a process of positive transformation. Publicis France’s CSR policy is structured around 3 main areas:

  • Within its agencies, so that they become more attentive, more inclusive, more attentive to the health and well-being of employees.
  • With its partners in the sector by contributing to the acceleration of the positive transformation of its customers and by encouraging those who advance the causes.
  • With the sector, in particular via its No Impact For Big Impact (#NIBI) program, a program capable of guaranteeing advertisers full support for responsible communication, whatever the communication project, from design to distribution.

Today, Publicis in France is strengthening its commitments by launching an internal program to transform its businesses. “Positive transformation is a cultural revolution that can only be achieved with employees. The subject is indeed that of pedagogy, training, and daily application. For our sector to engage and transform, first and foremost, the women and men whose job it is must be committed and have the knowledge and tools to transform their jobs”explains Agathe Bousquet, president of the group in France, in a press release.

“After having offered for more than 2 years numerous training sessions, debates, conferences on the subject of responsible communication to our talents, we felt the need to accelerate by working on a real internal transformation program.“, adds Caroline Darmon, CSR Director of Publicis Groupe in France.

The We Are Positivers program concerns all of the group’s 4,500 talents in France and will take place in 2 stages:

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1- an e-learning phase to acculturate all of the group’s talents to responsible communication (issues, eco-socio design, eco-socio production, responsible influence, responsible digital, events and of course responsible media)

2- action workshops to move from theory to practice according to each business expertise, each client…

The objective is ambitious: to train 70% of employees in France by next summer, gradually integrating new arrivals. “It is a question of boosting responsible communication in all our businesses to meet societal expectations, achieve our objectives and KPIs in terms of responsible communication and always better support our customers in this transformation”says ValĂ©rie Henaff, Director of Strategy and Engagement for Publicis Groupe in France.

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