“Promyanata” publicist Diana Damyanova resigned

“Promyanata” publicist Diana Damyanova resigned

I will vote on October 2 for “Change”, but this time I will not be responsible for their victory – it’s time to give way to the young, the specialist announced

PR expert Diana Damyanova, who has been with Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev since the creation of their project, is retiring from active work with “We continue the change”. And he makes it clear that he may be retiring altogether from work related to politics, because he defines the victory of “Change” last November as the “crown” of his entire professional career.

She announced this on her Facebook profile.

“Jackie and I took off our “Sophia uniforms” and went home to the village. He – for ten days to begin with, because he is always busy and responsible.

I will be back on October 2nd for the vote. And I will vote for Continuing the Change, of which I am the founder and to some extent the creator.

By this I mean that I will not be “responsible” for the upcoming VICTORY of the PP.

I count the victory in November last year as the “crown” of my own career.

It is now time to give way to the young and the professionals”.

This is what Damyanova wrote to her friends on the social network on Tuesday. The colorful actor, screenwriter and director Jacky Stoev has been Diana’s man for years. The favorite refuge of the two is a house in the Southern Black Sea region, at the foot of Strandzha near Tsarevo, where the two spend until late autumn.

“I sincerely wish them success, and Jackie and I will try our best to spend the next month or two in the delightful Strandzha!”, the PR specialist also wrote. And adds to his Facebook friends:

“Honestly, I’ve long dreamed of two months without a phone. Don’t be mad, I just don’t carry it with me anymore. Write and I’ll answer when I’m not busy with my daily trek from the mountains to the sea and back.”