Project Blink: Adobe boosts video editing on the web with AI

Adobe MAX conferences are an opportunity for the publisher to present its new products and innovations, particularly in terms of image processing. For a long time, Adobe has been adding a dose of its artificial intelligence (AI Sensei) in its software to facilitate processing. Today, it’s the turn of video editing to benefit from a great advance with Project Blink, a tool that works directly on the web and is available in beta version.

With Project Blink, Adobe wants to make video editing “as easy as word processing”. Concretely, the software relies on artificial intelligence to recognize subjects and voices. Using an input tool, the publisher offers to directly search for the element targeted in a rush (whether it is an object, an animal, a person or an extract from a dialog) to generate a sequence.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a feature-rich video editing software capable of producing professional quality movies. Available for Windows and Mac, you have a free trial period.

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In an interview or a movie scene, for example, the software automatically transcribes the dialogues by identifying the various interlocutors. The editor only has to select the important moments and Project Blink automatically generates a sequence. It can also automatically remove pause moments, interjection onomatopoeias (uh, ah, um, etc.) thus saving valuable time for the fitter, and improving de facto productivity and reduction of production costs.

Price and availability

The web-based video editing tool is already available in beta version from the manufacturer’s website, after registration. We do not know when Adobe plans to deploy Project Blink in final version and if it plans a single pricing, a subscription plan, or a free alternative.

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