Professional sperm donor with 48 children can’t find a girlfriend

A sperm donor who has 48 children so far and another 10 or 11 yet to be born is struggling to find the love of his life – admitting most women lose interest when they find out what he’s doing, the BG Voice website reported.

Kyle Gordy, 31, of Los Angeles, offers his sperm to single mothers, lesbian couples and husbands and wives who cannot conceive children of their own. He shared that he decided to become a donor after a series of failed love relationships. “I’ve always wanted to have children, but I get tired of a relationship very quickly,” says the young man.

He promotes his services, which are free, on social networks, and instead of going to a sperm bank, he gives the material directly to women, reports.

Kyle Gordy explains that some people don’t want to go to a sperm bank because the donors there are anonymous, meaning new parents won’t know anything about the person whose genes their children will carry, so they turn to him.

So far, in the past 8 years, he has helped dozens of women become mothers, but his generosity has cost him his love life.

“I haven’t had a girlfriend for ten years. I always tell women what I do first, and at that point they become disinterested. They tell me that they understand that I want to help women, but that they don’t want someone who already has children with other women. They don’t like it,” Gordy points out.

It all started eight years ago when a lesbian couple expressed their desire for a child, but were worried about taking sperm from a bank because they would not know anything about the history and life of the father.

“They were embarrassed that they wouldn’t know anything about the biological father, even where he came from. So we talked and I said to them: “Listen, I will gladly donate my sperm, even if the child knows who his father is, if he wants.”

He then ejaculates into a cup and gives it to them. Two weeks later, one of the two women called him and told him that she was pregnant and carrying his child,” reports.

Gordy then says that more and more women are starting to contact him over the internet. “I’ve helped create many families, I really do what I do, I do it seriously and it’s completely free,” he says.

Kyle underwent genetic testing, STD testing, and sperm analysis. He also doesn’t drink alcohol and tries to eat organic foods to ensure his sperm is in top condition.

Kyle explains that he is not charging anything for the services and that what he is doing is putting him at risk – since he is technically the child’s legal father, the mother can ask him to pay child support at any time.

Childless families chose him because of his wonderful genes. “I come from a good family. My father is a lawyer, my mother is a programmer, and my grandfather taught at UCLA and was a personal friend and colleague of Albert Einstein. The kids will get all those legal and engineering genes,” he explains.


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