Princess Anne shows how “reserves” come first

The only daughter of the late British queen won the hearts of subjects with hard work

Prince Harry’s memoirs have done major damage to the British royal family’s public image. The ratings of the leading figures in it are falling, and the top places in the ratings of approval began to appear exactly “spare” players, about whose unhappy fate is talked about so much in the book Spare (“Spare”).

Among them is the only daughter of the late British Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Anne, 72, has a 60 percent approval rating for the first time, the same as Britain’s traditional favorites Prince William and his wife Kate. They are followed by King Charles III (51%), and Harry and Meghan, who caused the uproar, are only in seventh and eighth position.

According to royal correspondents, Anne has some of her late mother’s traits that make her a natural symbol of security in these troubled times for the royal family. Although only 16th in the line of succession to the throne, she worked hard all her life

works for confirmation of the monarchy

at the same time without intruding and claiming special attention.

“She’s proof that even if you’ve been cast in a peripheral role, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a contribution,” noted royal biographer Robert Hardman told The Times. In his words, Ann is a perfect example of a backup heir. He doesn’t pay much attention to what the press says, nor does he take on too many projects. She always focuses on things she can do well and that can set her apart from the rest of the royal family.

In other words, she is the complete opposite of Harry, who suffered all his life that he was born to be “spare parts” for his older brother William, who is the heir to the throne. “I was brought into the world in case something happened to Willie. I was called upon to provide support, distraction, diversion, and if necessary, a spare—a kidney perhaps, a blood transfusion, some bone marrow. All this was explicitly explained to me from the beginning of my life’s journey and regularly reinforced after that,” wrote the younger son of Charles III in his memoirs.

Anne has a similar fate to him, but says: “I am a lucky woman, especially as far as the family I was born into is concerned.” When she was born in 1950, she was third in line to the throne after her mother and brother Charles. Her grandfather King George VI was still ruling then. More

no law has been passed to gives equal rights to both inheritance gender

So no one envisions a time when Anne will be queen. This allows her to deal with things that really excite her, although already with the coming of age she begins to perform royal duties. She is an avid horse rider. He has his own horse and even wins medals at international competitions. In 1976, he became the first member of the royal family to participate in the Olympic Games, but fell and did not place in the top ten.

Horse racing met her future husband, Mark Phillips, who is an Olympic champion in the same discipline. When they married in 1973, he was offered a noble title, but he refused it, which also deprived their heirs, Peter and Zara, of one. It would later become clear that this was not a whim of Captain Mark Phillips, but a carefully considered decision with his wife. In this way, they enable their children to lead a free life without obligation to the crown. Their daughter Zara Phillips followed in their footsteps and won an Olympic silver medal in equestrian in 2012.

Although on the surface it seems that the famous passionate rider is well received in the royal family, in fact, this is not the case. He is appointed personal aide-de-camp to the queen, but Anne’s three brothers doubt his integrity and even nickname him Misty. There are rumors of infidelity, which will later be confirmed by a DNA test proving that it is

became the father of a baby girl in New Zealand

in 1985. He and Ann announced they were separating before it was known.

Their divorce was finalized in April 1992, and a few months later the princess remarried to Navy Captain Timothy Lawrence. Their love letters reached the papers, showing they had been in a relationship for at least 3 years. They met after Timothy Lawrence was appointed riding companion to the Queen. Anne thus became the first child of Elizabeth II to divorce. Her brothers Charles and Andrew would later do the same. But unlike them, she managed to get away with fewer scandals, adhering to her mother’s life maxim “Never complain, never explain” and her sense of always keeping slightly away from the media.

Which is not easy, as her racing career and an attempted kidnapping in 1974 make her particularly interesting to journalists. On their way back from the cinema, Ann and her husband Mark’s car is blocked by another car. Their bodyguard goes out to check what’s going on, but is shot. The attacker approaches and orders the princess to get out, but she unexpectedly answers him: “I don’t think so.” Another shooting followed, in which her driver and a policeman who came to help were injured. Anne, however, does not lose her temper and manages to escape unharmed. Her attacker is recognized as mentally ill. A letter to the Queen demanding a £2m ransom was found in his car. “You can’t live your whole life in a waterproof box,” commented the princess, who in her composure is very similar to her late mother.

But that’s not the only thing the two have in common. They have a particularly strong sense of duty and passion for horses. Perhaps that is why Anne, like Elizabeth II, does not think about giving up royal duties as long as her strength allows. Data announced by Buckingham Palace showed that the 72-year-old princess is

the most industrious member of the British Royal family

Last year she had 214 engagements representing the crown. By comparison, her brother King Charles III has attended 181 official events, although his schedule has been extremely busy with the funeral of their mother Elizabeth II and succession to the throne.

“The younger generations are looking for a new way to do something, but I’m already at the stage: Please don’t reinvent this. We were there. Some of these things don’t work. You may have to go back to the basics,” says Princess Anne, who is not ashamed to wear the same clothes for years and is not afraid to lead a life that does not depend solely on the line of succession to the throne.


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