Prince Harry: When I was a kid, one of my dad’s jokes was asking if I was his son

Britain’s Prince Harry and his brother, Crown Prince William, begged their father Prince Charles not to marry Camilla, who is now queen consort, the second son of the British king revealed in his long-awaited memoir, which hit the market in Spain days before the official prime minister, reports the foreign press.

The autobiography “Spare” comes out on January 10, but Britain’s “Guardian” has published excerpts from it in advance, and Reuters and other media were able to buy its Spanish-language edition on Thursday. Details of the content have become public, and Britain’s ITV broadcast a clip of an upcoming interview with Prince Harry, in which he says he cannot commit to attending his father’s coronation in May and defends his decision to speak publicly about family relationships.

Prince Harry’s book reveals his internal struggle to come to terms with the death of his mother Princess Diana, his experiences during his military service when he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan and his conflicts with the media. Its most striking revelations concern relationships within the royal family, matters that have loomed over the aristocratic family since he and his wife, Meghan, stepped back from their engagements as senior members of the court in 2020 and moved to California, US, in searching for a new life. As is customary for Buckingham Palace, spokespeople for Charles III and Prince William declined to comment.

In the pages, Prince Harry said his brother William called Meghan “difficult”, “rude” and “annoying” before pushing and hitting him in 2019 at his then London home. After delivering his blow, he challenges him to fight back, but Harry refuses, asking him to leave his home. William later returns, “looking sorry and apologetic”, asking Harry not to tell Meghan about what happened.

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William and Harry were very close after their mother’s death in a car crash in Paris in 1997. The brothers have been estranged since Harry married former American actress Meghan in 2018.

In the publication, the Duke of Sussex describes his first meeting with Camilla, who his mother Diana blames for the breakdown of his marriage. He writes that he and his brother approved of Camilla, but asked their father not to marry her.

Since stepping back from her engagements with the royal family, the aristocrat and former actress have been highly critical of the Windsor family and the British monarchy, and have even made accusations of racism, which have been dismissed by Prince William. “I don’t know how things are expected to improve if one stays silentHarry said in the clip, which aired on ITV.

The title of his autobiographical book comes from a phrase in British aristocratic circles about the need for an heir and the “reserve” for the title. Harry says his father Charles told his mother Diana on the day he was born: “Great! He has already given me an heir and a reserve – my work is done“.

It is not yet clear how his revelations will affect society. A YouGov poll this week found that 65% of respondents were “not at all interested” in his book, and another poll found that respondents felt more sympathy for William and Kate than for Harry and Meghan. King Charles III still hopes to reconcile with his son, unnamed sources told British tabloids this week. Extracts published by the Guardian said the king stood between his sons in a difficult meeting at Windsor Castle following the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip in April 2021.Please guys don’t ruin my last yearshe said.

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In his memoir, Harry revealed that he tried cocaine for the first time in the summer of 2002 and then took the drug several more times because he wanted “to feel different” and “to feel anything at all“, BTA reports. In an earlier interview, he had admitted that for many years he abused alcohol and took drugs in an attempt to suppress the grief of the loss of his mother. In 2002, British media reported that the then 16-year-old prince was visiting a clinic for drug addiction treatment after admitting to his father that he uses alcohol and marijuana.

King Charles III’s young son has revealed he has killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan, who he sees as “chess pieces”. He says that it was important for him to learn not to be afraid of it, and that he feels neither satisfaction nor embarrassment from this fact.

After Lady Di’s death in a car accident in Paris in 1997, Harry and his brother William adopted as “simplistic and absurd” the conclusions of the investigators that the only cause of the accident was the drunk driver of the limousine. But the people who made the decisions dissuaded them from asking for a reopening of the investigation. In 2007, when he was in Paris, he asked his driver to pass the same route and at the same speed as the car in which his mother died.”They told themselves that I wanted to close this page, but in fact it was not so“, he writes.

The British prince also revealed that he sought the help of a woman who was a medium and who helped him make contact with his late mother. “I felt the energy around her“, Harry reveals, saying that the woman told him his mother was with him. She explained to him that Princess Diana told her that Harry “living the life she couldn’t have” and that she lives in a way that she would want for him.

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According to an article in the New York Post, Harry recalls that one of the “the best laughs from the repertoire” of his father was to say if any one knew whether he was really the Prince of Wales, and whether he was really his father.”He laughed and laughed, though it wasn’t at all funny considering the rumor going around at the time that my real father was one of Mum’s ex-lovers Major James Hewitt“, recalled the Duke of Sussex. According to him, one of the reasons for this rumor was his red hair, and the other – manifestations of “sadism”.

According to The Sun, Harry claims in the memoir that his brother William and his wife Kate convinced him when he was in his twenties to dress up in a Nazi uniform for a party, which caused a major scandal. According to Sky News, the prince also recalled “the humiliating episode” in which he loses his virginity with “old woman” who loved horses and treated him like “a young stallion“.

The famous American journalist and writer, Pulitzer Prize laureate John Joseph Moringer helped with the Prince’s memoirs.

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