Prince Harry spoke about the uncertainty surrounding Diana’s death in se…

“There are many things that are unexplained about my mother’s death. However, I no longer see the point in a new investigation.” This was stated by Prince Harry during an interview with English journalist Tom Bradby, which bTV broadcasts.

He himself described how he experienced the death of Princess Diana.

“There were lights all around her. The lights were the same color as her hair. They were from flashes. Paparazzi were reflected on all surfaces. They hadn’t stopped filming while she was lying unconscious. No one had checked on her. They had just filmed more and more. I’m starting to understand the involvement of the paparazzi in the crash. There were pictures showing her bloodied face.”

Prince Harry said he was looking for evidence that this had actually happened as his body and nervous system shut down to protect him.

“I had imagined the tunnel as a dangerous section, but it was just a short tunnel. There was no reason for anyone to die in it. When I started driving, paparazzi were throwing themselves at my window. When you go through what my mother’s driver did, I can’t understand how people draw other conclusions. The real people who are guilty are not punished.”

Harry also commented on the attitude of the British press and his family.

“Some members of my family have allied themselves with the bad guys. Their goal is to fix their image. When it hurts me or my family, I draw the line. I understand why members of my family have to maintain such a relationship with the tabloids. No I agree, but I understand them. The press does whatever it wants with my life. The line is very blurred. Society blindly trusts the media. It worries me.”

Prince Harry added that he would like to reconcile with his family, but first there must be accountability.

“My dad always acted like he wasn’t ready to be a parent. But I tried. William and I wanted our dad to be happy. We asked him not to marry Camilla, but he decided otherwise. They are very happy together. I love my dad, my brother and my family. I have always loved them. I never wanted to hurt them. They are really afraid of what might happen to me. When my wife shared her experiences, the establishment and the tabloids attacked her. My wife and I are looked down upon magnifying glass more than anyone else.”


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